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Membership Application

There are two ways to become a member of the Virginia Association of Central Services (VACS). As a participant of any educational program offered by the association, your registration application and fee automatically places you on the membership roster for one year. If you are unable to attend a meeting in the course of one calendar year you can maintain your membership by completing a membership form and paying the annual membership dues of $10. This will put your name on the membership roster and will guarantee that you receive the flyers announcing upcoming educational meetings.

Check for upcoming meetings under Educational Programs or use the Registration form below to join VACS. 

To join VACS, please print out this form.  Fill out completely;

Make checks payable for $10 to VACS and mail to:
C/O Anthony Sawyer
7216 Woodside Street
Richmond, Virginia 23231

Home Address
Home Phone #
Healthcare Facility
Facility Address
Work Phone #
E-Mail Address
We encourage you to include your email address so we can keep you informed with occasional news alerts and updates to our website.

Membership Eligibility:

Active Individual
Membership in the Association shall be those who are directly involved in the field of healthcare central service, operating room, infection control and materials management.

Active individual members have full voting privileges and are eligible to hold office and be appointed to serve on committees. Annual membership dues subject to participation in a VACS event, dues of $10 are required to maintain membership.

Retired Active Membership
Retired membership may be granted to those individuals who have been active individual members of the (VACS) Association and have retired from the healthcare central services, operating room, infection control and/or materials management.

Retired Active members shall have no voting privileges, are not able to hold office, but may be appointed to serve on committees. Reduced fees shall be assessed for educational seminars and programs.

Associate Membership
Associate membership may be granted to those individuals
who have substantial interest in and are indirectly involved with the central service function of a hospital or related health care activity, such as representatives of a medical supply industry or medical device industry, members of a corporation owning or providing consulting services to health care facilities. 

Associate members have no voting privileges, are not eligible to hold office, but may be appointed to serve on committees. Annual membership dues subject to vendor participation in a VACS educational program.